Restore Faded Auto Trim Back To Black cAuto trim, bumpers & tires look new and stay looking new - longer!

Each one of our liquid polymer coatings is tough, durable, easy-to-use, incredibly long lasting, water-based, oil free and friendly to both the user and our environment.

Great Products with a Great Guarantee.

Try one of our Auto Trim Kits just once, and I guarantee that it will forever change how you care for all your cars, RVs and trucks. They're easy to use for restoring your cloudy headlight lens or exterior automotive trim moldings.

• How about seeing your tires shine front 50 feet away?

• Want to restore your bumpers or auto trim plastic to look new again?

• That roof rack wasn't always gray, was it?

You have absolutely nothing to lose. If, for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any of our products, I will personally make sure your money is refunded quickly and without any hassles.

Here's some videos of me using everyone of our 4 ShineOn products showing you how easy they are to use and see some spectacular results ... and, that it's idiot proof!

Here's our 4 UFB Coatings!

Bright Headlight Restoration
UV Clear Trim & Bumper Restoration
Black Trim Restoration
UV Glow Tire Shine & Rejuvenator

I think we make the best, most Un-Freaking-Believably great auto trim & headlight products. I hope you'll come to believe just how great they are, too.

ShineOn UV Clear™
Make Your Auto Trim & Bumpers Look Brand New.
Keeps Auto Trim Looking New for One Year.

Easily restores & protects all exterior auto trim molding on your cars, trucks & RVs. Your trim will look great with a deep, rich color and a high-gloss finish that shines and protects.

• Dries in 5 minutes
• Resists scuffs and scratches
• Will not yellow, crack or peel
• Lasts for 12 months
• Protects against mold & mildew

Intensifies color & shine on any car, truck or RV's dulled, faded plastic and trim. Replenishes, revives & leaves a high gloss finish that revives & beautifies all your auto trim.

• No special tools
• No setup required
• Easy clean-up with water

An amazing, yet inexpensive solution to make auto trim & bumpers look brand new and stay looking new - longer. Instantly make your car or truck look great and will increase its re-sale value by $100's of dollars or more.

ShineOn Black™
Restore Your Black Auto Trim. Make it Look New.
Keeps Black Trim Looking New for One Year.
Amazing liquid resin polymers are formulated to renew and bond to all hard plastic auto trim & trim mouldings. Leaves a great looking deep black finish that's durable and long-lasting.
• Instantly makes your car or truck look great
• Adds UV protection
• Keeps it looking new - longer
• Increases re-sale value by $100's of dollars

An easy long-term solution to keeping black bumpers & trim looking new-again

Replace lost black pigments and polymer resins to your trim molding to restore it to a deep, rich forever black color. ShineOn Black™ revives & beautifies both color & luster to any dulled, sun-damaged or faded trim plastic and auto trim molding.

ShineOn UV Glow™ Tire Shine That Lasts for TWO months.
Get a fantastic high gloss ‘always-wet’ look.

In under 5 minutes your tires are completely dry, glowing with an awesome high gloss 'always-wet’ look you can from 50 feet away!

• Will not wash off
• Will not fling off
• Will not yellow, crack or peel
• Will not breakdown in water puddles
• Will not come off on hands or clothing
This advanced polymer tire shine & rejuvenator is water repellent and leaves an easy-to-clean surface lasting for months and leaves a great looking finish that is durable and long-lasting.
Quickly dries to a deep, rich color. Guaranteed to last TWO MONTHS!

ShineOn Bright™ Clear your dull headlights. Boost brightness up to 500%.

Headlights! Headlights! They are the single most critical component of driving safely at night. Bright lights help you see better - and be seen by other drivers. The lens of the headlights needs to be clear to provide the brightest beams possible.

• Better night vision helps keep you safe
• Improve the look of your car, truck or RV
• Increase resale value

With ShineOn Bright™ you'll make any car, truck or RV look great again as it easily clears dull, foggy and yellow headlights. Boosts brightness up to 500%! No tools, no buffing, no grinding. Everything you need to restore both headlights is included in this headlight restoration kit.

Simple. Fast. Easy to use.

• No tools
• No sanding
• No masking
• No buffing
• No grinding
• Cleans up with water

Guaranteed to protect your headlights for 2 Years!

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