My first try at a bouldering movie (or any kind of movie), filmed in my favourite forest at Fontainebleau, France in March 2012 using my DSLR. The quality of the shots varies as I was learning along the way.
To anyone who wonders about the strange French title I highly recommend a visit to the Carrefour at Nemours.

List of boulder problems in order of appearance:
La Marie Rose, Bas Cuvier, Fb 6a
De Fil en Aiguille, Franchard Cuisinière, Fb 6c
Le Nez, Canche aux Merciers, Fb 6b+
Graviton, Roche aux Sabots, Fb 7a
Duel dans la Lune, 95.2, Fb 6c
Rudeboy, 95.2, Fb 7a
Undertow, Franchard Cuisinière, Fb 7a
Duroxmanie, Cuvier Remparts, Fb 6c
Bleau's Art, Cuvier Merveille, Fb 7b
La Nescafé, Bas Cuvier, Fb 6a
Rétrofriction, Franchard Cuisinière, Fb 7a
Zen, Roche aux Sabots, Fb 7a
Crazy Horse, Apremont, Fb 7b
La Voie Michaud, Éléphant, Fb 6c
Le Surplomb du Lépreux, Éléphant, Fb 6a
Magic Bus, Buthiers, Fb 7b+
La Science Friction, Apremont, Fb 6a
Tranche de Lard, Franchard Cuisinière, Fb 6b+
Égoïste assis, Apremont, Fb 7a+
Onde de Choc, Apremont, Fb 7b
L'Angle du Sérac, Franchard Isatis, Fb 6b+
Gros Doigts, Canche aux Merciers, Fb 7a
Beatle Juice, Franchard Cusinière, Fb 7a+
L'Angle Allain (gauche), Fb 6a
Please refrain from grade discussions, I have merely taken the grades from and quite frankly, nobody really cares... It's not high end bouldering, nobody is trying to make any money, it's only about wonderful movements on beautiful rock.

All music used is licensed as creative commons/ non-commercial. Track listing in order of appearance:
David Löhstana - Demain je change de vie (
Anitek - Chatter Mask (
Spinnaface - WatchUWatchUAgain (
Professor Kliq - Mindcrawl (
Thievery Corporation - DC3000 (
Anitek feat. Tab - Down the Rabbit Hole (
Kevin MacLeod - Parisien (

Enjoy, and please leave a comment.

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