We begin immersed in black, amniotic liquid, a completely indeterminate space.

An astral presence emerges from the dark fluid, a bright star slowly moving across the surface. The star grows and moves, an odd dance with the looped song's rhythm, beginning to vibrate with increased intensity until it explodes into shards of light, revealing "DIVINE FITS".

I have created 4 short films or video trailers to announce the new band, Divine Fits. The band consists of Spoon's Britt Daniel, Dan Boeckner, formerly of Handsome Furs and Wolf Parade and New Bomb Turks' Sam Brown. They're putting out an album later this year on Merge.

The concept for the trailers is the emergence of objects, of body, of identity and ultimately of the project, Divine Fits. Each trailer maintains a sense of indeterminate space and abstraction.

Alexa Gerrity: director, editor, creative developer, art director, content producer

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