Fran McKendree, vocal, guitar; Lindsey Blount, vocal; River Guerguerian, percussion; Charles Milling, bass, vocal; Duncan Wickel, violin.

I was in Los Angeles for a conference and my friend Joanna Satorius had taken me out for a drive to show me the sites. It happened to be on Valentines Day, and while riding along, we noticed that there was a sky-writer airplane, making a heart shape in the sky! It held that shape for a while, then began to be transformed into others, still connected to the original but now bending, like a river. Sometime later, while reflecting on my life [so far!], this image came to mind... the wind of the Spirit whirls, taking what we've painted with our lives and re-shaping it beyond what we might have imagined, given new life by that love that has been with us since before we were born, within us and all around, 'present in all things, yet contained by no thing' as my dear friend John Philip Newell has written. Lindsey, Charles, Duncan and River brought their wonderful colors and brush strokes to the canvas for this performance, for which I am grateful!
Fran McKendree June, 2012

Recorded 'live' at the AwakeningSoul event "A New Ancient Harmony" 2011 at Lutheridge Conference Center, Asheville, NC.

Painting in the Skies words and music Fran McKendree © 2011 Teerivane Cottage Music, LLC BMI
( arranged by Fran McKendree, Lindsey Blount, Charles Milling, River Guerguerian, Duncan Wickel )
video © 2012 Teerivane Cottage Music, LLC
Video recorded by Larry Hastings who has kindly given us permission to share this
Audio recorded 'live' by Eric Murrell
mixed by Fran McKendree at Teerivane Studios, Hendersonville, NC
Mastered by Casey Wood at the Insanery, Nashville, TN
video editing by Shane Peters Media Cinedicate, Asheville, NC

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