Dad got a paper route to save money for a new Kodak movie camera. It cost $20 which was, at 12 years old, "a huge amount of money." Cousin Jim films the first footage at his mother, Jenny's home in Sunnyvale around 1957.

Then to a baptism for the baby of Aunt Catherine's daughter, Venita. Begining at Catherine's home in Redwood City, Venita is with Grandma and the baby. Then Catherine and her husband Fritz(holding the baby), Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt Marcella and her husband John with thier youngest son. The kids are: Dad in red with his sister Donna in Pink, Aunt Mary Ann's daughter Jinne with Cousins Freddie(holding the baby), Steven and Gregory(bottom).

Next, back to the Grandma and Grandpa's house in Sunnyvale and the first footage of the legendary dog, Blacky. Is that Cousin Feddie visiting? Finally a winding drive to Lick Observatory on the summit of Mount Hamilton east of San Jose.

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