I cut a few episodes for a new show on Food Network, 'Viva Daisy', at the end of 2008. Daisy Martinez is a cook who specializes in a range of Latin cuisine; Food Network aired six episodes to see if she would find a audience. As it turns out, Daisy did, and a new season is in the offing for 2009.

I was one of two editors on this show, Mayra Bustamente being the other, under director Herb Sevush. We got to build a show from the ground up, experimenting with fonts, graphics, musical underbeds and show structure to meet Food Network's standards.

This is an excerpt from the first show I cut, 'Birthday Brunch', in which Daisy makes 'Eggs a la Paloma', a layered casserole dish involving chorizo, avocado, eggs and a light tomato sauce. In addition, she made 'un-fried refried beans', featured in this segment.

You can check out 'Viva Daisy' on Food Network, with a new slate of shows in Summer '09.

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