By Hellicar & Lewis

The Hello Cube is an installation shown at Tate Modern as part of Infinite Kusama. Infinite Kusama was a partnership project between Tate Collective, and the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project.

Inspired by the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, and in particular her artwork ‘The Passing Winter’.

You could communicate with the Cube via Twitter or online. Wherever you are in the world, you could send a message to @thehellocube to create your own unique artwork.

It recognises lots of scene, for example: spots, drawn, texture, cells.

It also knows actions such as bigger, smaller, mirror, flip, invert, reflect, ripple, wave, pixelate, shake and swirl.

When you have sent your command, The Hello Cube send you an image straight back to your Twitter account so you can share your creation with your friends.


Directors: Hellicar & Lewis

Producer: Claire Spencer Cook, Nexus Interactive Arts

Programming: Todd Vanderlin and Diederick Huijbers

Project Curator: Sarah Toplis, Commissioning Editor -Tate Collectives

Made using openFrameworks

Infinite Kusama is in partnership with Tate Collective, and the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project.

Projectors for the Hello Cube installation kindly provided by Ingenius Productions.

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