Last night I was trying out various manual settings on my Panasonic SD700 camcorder and ended up with some nice clips to edit into a short video.
All clips shot on manual with custom white balance. Experimenting with various iris settings/shutter speeds.

This camera really comes into its own when you switch off auto to manual. The custom white balance really needs setting though as the camera quite often gets this wrong (a bit too turquoise/blue) but once manually set I’ve never had any probems.

I’ve been using my new Canon 550d (T2i) for a few months for video but have become quite frustrated by its limitations when filming detailed scenes such as trees etc (due to aliasing/moire etc). I recently went back to using my SD700 and have been delighted with the improvement in quality. OK so you don’t get such great depth of field as a DLSR but I think the improvement in picture quality makes up for this, especially with the type of filming I enjoy doing (detailed, natural scenes eg trees, mountain scenery etc).

Music - Memories by Frozen Silence -

Camera - Panasonic SD700
Editing - Some (very slight) levels adjustment in Sony Vegas

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