My final project TV documentary: ‘Webcam Girls: The Girlfriend Experience’, explored the meteoric rise of webcam sex sites.

Models make thousands of pounds a month on sites which rank in the top 400 of all websites.

This hidden employment is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK, and many say it’s more liberating and profitable than any other employment in the adult sector.

I investigated the path to becoming a webcam girl and how they attract their fans. I had access to case studies of models in the adult industry and students trying it out for the first time, as they coped with tax declarations and abuse.

The girls are encouraged to play raffles to give out their mobile numbers and encouraged to have a 'top tipper' who is referred to as 'their online husband/boyfriend'. Girls have furnished their homes by getting bought gifts by admirers from their Amazon Wishlist.

I found out whether users were just looking to direct their own perverted fantasy or whether they’re looking for a relationship online. The story examined how technology constantly challenges us to examine how we think about sexuality, how we adapt technology for sex and sex for technology.

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