Allison Silberberg is running as a Democrat for Alexandria City Council. The Democratic Primary is Tuesday, June 12, 2012.

Allison is honored to be endorsed by The Honorable Patsy Ticer, State Senator Richard Saslaw, State Senator Adam Ebbin, Former City Councilwoman Joyce Woodson, Former School Board Member Eileen Cassidy Rivera, and Alexandrians for a Livable City.

The campaign kickoff co-chairs, Laura Mandala and Eileen Cassidy Rivera, did a fantastic job and can be seen in photographs (plus many other shots of the big kickoff event) on the site,

Allison is the Chair of Alexandria's Economic Opportunities Commission (EOC), which serves as an advocate for the most vulnerable in the city. As Chair since 2010, she has focused the EOC's legislative efforts on affordable housing and job creation. She has served as an appointed member of the EOC since 2004 and represents State Senator Adam Ebbin on the EOC. She previously represented Former State Senator Patsy Ticer on the commission for many years. As Chair, Allison also initiated the EOC's annual public service day, "All Hands on Deck," which helps a local nonprofit using all donated goods and services from local businesses and volunteers. ( Allison is a leader who is gifted at getting the community involved to gets things done for the sake of others.

Allison would bring her advocacy skills as well as knowledge of legislative matters and public policy to Alexandria's City Council. She has Capitol Hill experience, having interned for Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and then on staff for Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen (D-Texas).

After leaving the Hill, she founded and served as the executive director of Lights, Camera, Action! (LCA!), a nonprofit that was committed to mentoring youth in Anacostia. She taught teens in Anacostia about filmmaking, communication skills, teamwork skills, and writing lessons. Seven of eight went to college. It was the height of the crack wars in Washington, DC. The short film they made together, "Poppy," won two awards and aired dozens of times on local PBS stations. ("Poppy" can be seen here on Vimeo as well.) To read more about LCA! and "Poppy," please see Allison's site:

After LCA!, Allison returned to communications consulting and created a monthly, charitable event that met every month for nearly a decade. Each month, Allison carefully selected a different local nonprofit that was focused on children at risk and families in distress, and she gave all the proceeds from those events to a different local nonprofit, donating over $50,000. The list of the nonprofits and more info can be found on the Grantmaking page of her site,

Allison then served a three-year term on The World Bank's Community Outreach Grants Committee, giving over $1.3 million to local nonprofits.

Allison has lived in Alexandria since 1989 and in Alexandria's historic neighborhood of Parkfairfax since 1992.

Deeply involved with community and public service in Alexandria for more than 20 years, Allison has been outspoken about affordable housing, job creation, and the recent waterfront plan, stating that the plan, while improved over time, was not visionary enough for our remarkable city. Allison wrote a column about the waterfront plan that ran in The Washington Post and advocated for a "people's waterfront" plan that should include a permanent, small arts band shell at the north end of Oronoco Bay Park for cultural events and gatherings to enrich our community.

Allison is deeply concerned about the BRAC building at Mark Center and questions how such a building for 6,000 employees could have been built without a Metro stop nearby. She feels strongly that the city must address how such a building came to be and how the process failed all the citizens in order to prevent such a mistake from happening again.

Allison advocates for public-private partnerships to engage philanthropists and civic-minded citizens who want to invest in our national treasure called Alexandria.

A staunch advocate for affordable housing for over eight years while serving on Alexandria's Economic Opportunities Commission and using her strong background in the nonprofit sector, Allison has urged the city to create partnerships with nonprofits, such as the Enterprise Foundation, to create and preserve affordable housing.

Allison supports smart, creative development around mass transit.

She wants our educational system to do even better for our children, emphasizing her support for early education, small classrooms, tutoring, and apprenticeship programs for the city's youth. She is a proponent of ESL and GED programs, which lead to jobs and self-sufficiency.

Her city-wide beautification jobs initiative would coordinate with The Corps Network, which is modeled after President Roosevelt's CCC program.

Allison believes in leveraging relationships with national historic preservation entities to further Alexandria's historic character and to preserve open space.

And she believes that the city must continue to be fiscally responsible and to maintain its AAA bond rating.

A writer and communications consultant, Allison is the author of two books, one of which is called "Visionaries In Our Midst: Ordinary People who are Changing our World," which profiles individuals who are making a difference in our county. "Visionaries In Our Midst" (2009) was endorsed by Studs Terkel, Pete Seeger, Marvin Kalb, Helen Thomas, and Paul Loeb and it hit #1 on Amazon's Philanthropy & Charity and was named a Finalist for a Book of the Year Award. Allison's columns have been published in The Washington Post and The Dallas Morning News, and she has written for, politicians, and a television show called "Mama's Family,"

For more information about Allison Silberberg's background and campaign, please see:

This short clip, "Allison Silberberg's Sense of Mission," is an excerpt from Allison's remarks that she gave at her campaign kickoff on March 25, 2012. There are three of these short clips on Vimeo. Plus, there is a wonderful montage profile piece, which is also here on Vimeo. All of these videos for Allison's campaign were produced by the award-winning production team, Double R Productions. The production team included: Rosemary Reed, Catherine Baum, and Paul Jamali. Rosemary Reed, the founder/president of Double R Productions, generously donated all video services to Allison's campaign. Allison is very grateful to Rosemary Reed and Double R Productions for this remarkable gift. (

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