A mix of some of my favourite videos from the past six months.

Check the originals for more information:
00:00 vimeo.com/2028910 SMOKE CIRCLE by Justin Kelly
00:00 vimeo.com/1954017 A-Z Experiment typography by urk
00:38 vimeo.com/2824450 Untitled Geometries: Booleay by zeitguised
00:48 vimeo.com/2469215 Brazil by CISMA
01:29 vimeo.com/2007274 Riow Arai : Death Breaks by Shane Lester
05:14 vimeo.com/2448083 Prefuse 73: The end of biters - International (2004) by Aleix Pitarch
06:23 vimeo.com/3393579 xpld.abstrkt by peter schings
06:34 vimeo.com/2228531 Ionisation by Flat-e
08:07 vimeo.com/3421923 Mass_Ins by v4w.enko
08:09 vimeo.com/2399817 Shared Fate by Motioncult
09:21 vimeo.com/3221647 With Rain by takcom™
12:00 vimeo.com/3826197 I Am A Chain Reaction by Presstube
12:19 vimeo.com/3085867 Bloopp by Todd Beyer
15:49 vimeo.com/3288925 Combination spawns by Howard Quin
16:04 vimeo.com/2276493 darkmatter HD take two by nagash
17:48 vimeo.com/2909091 Rogx by candas sisman
23:18 vimeo.com/2174845 Kotra "Stir Mesh" by kvitnu
27:02 vimeo.com/3319743 Is by v4w.enko
27:37 vimeo.com/3559910 Counter by Wuestenarchitekten
29:25 vimeo.com/3338546 Dirty Mind Groove by Ranko Andjelic
29:27 vimeo.com/2982975 Wave not Warp by ELEEMENT
31:00 vimeo.com/3051056 Sketchy Friends Dance by Neil Sanders
31:45 vimeo.com/3847726 Real, or Fake tears? by ronnieism
32:10 vimeo.com/2431879 Efterklang - Polygyne by Rumraket
36:48 vimeo.com/2644088 Protofields Music Box Version with Buchla 200 System by Positron
39:39 vimeo.com/2112619 The Subliminal Kid in the studio by Ruben Broman

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