1. Production – School project created for a course titled Visual Effects in Film Production.
Nuke – 3D match move, compositing, color correction, CG environment replication.
Maya – modeling, rigging, animation.
Houdini – shading, rendering (Physically Based Rendering).
Shot film footage as well as location reference photos and light probe.

2. Windy Guy R&D – Test footage from an animation created for MadDecent.com.
Houdini – cloth simulation, created SOP (geometry) network for blending between different simulations, modeling, shading, rendering (Physically Based Rendering).

3. Mad Decent Manatee – Promotional video created for MadDecent.com.
Maya – modeling, animation, rigging, texturing, rendering.
Nuke – camera projections/environment modeling, compositing, fake caustic effect, color correction.

4. Procedural Table Animation Setup – personal project developing procedural animation skills.
Houdini – animation (recorded mouse input – used to drive table position, rotation and camera target), rigging system developed through SOP (geometry) network – snaps the table legs to the nearest point within a set of points on the floor.

5. Unrolling Carpet – Proof of concept for an alternative animation method used when conventional cloth simulation techniques weren’t providing desired results.
Houdini – animation created using particle networks (POPs) for distributing the points and rolling them back up. Using the age attribute of the particles, the carpet’s scale is adjusted through VOPs (Vex) so it appears thickest at the start and loses volume as it unrolls.

6. Procedural City Generator – Tool created for generating low-poly cities of varying densities and layouts.
Houdini – created an HDA (Houdini Digital Asset) which takes a mesh and procedurally subdivides a percentage of the faces over several iterations; the user is able to control the percentage of faces which are subdivided during each iteration to influence how densely or sparsely the buildings are distributed.

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