Just a short impression on our five day trip to Rio, Brazil. With best friend Jeroen Lettinck. He is the lucky guy with the samba ladies 01:40 min

Did not have the time for creative shots because of our busy schedule ;-) Mostly without a tri-pod. Some full auto shots, some manual. Some shots turned out fine, other not that great.

Filmed with GH2 (No hack, HBR mode, 1080P, 25fps)
Voigtländer 25mm F 0.95 with var.ND
Olympus 12 & 45 mm
Light color graded some footage with Looks2
Konova slider used only in hotel
Edited in CS 5.5, exported to 720P, 25fps

Audiotrack : So nice (Summer Samba)
Artist : Bebel Gilberto

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