The premier runway presentation of B.E.SHIELDS F/W2012 collection "ISOLATED INCIDENTS" presented Day 1 of FashionArtToronto, [FAT], fashion week.


A turn on a road with an unknown destination.

Consumed with by isolation and weariness, Loneliness envelopes you like a cloak. You are unsure of where you are going. You are lost. You find yourself in a place, consumed by fear and confusion. Will you ever escape from this dark place?

For one brief ISOLATED INCIDENT, you are transported. Lost in a place where modern life and time have forgotten. Time is of no essence here as it always moves forward, it always stays the same.

You are engulfed by your surroundings, you cannot help but be consumed by Mother Natures rustic beauty. Her inner poise and strength are inspiring.
You have lost yourself in her simplistic splendour.

Your surroundings inspire an inner calm, a beauty. .. You know not where you are going but for one brief ISOLATED incident , you become one with yourself, your fears, your weakness. Knowing that with darkness the light will always follow!

MUCH LOVE to all who made this possible !!

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