The tables are turned on a miserable drunk after he rudely shuts off his stepson's gory horror video, in this grisly homage to 80's anthology horror.

Writer and Director: Matt O'Mahoney
Producer: Daniel Domachowski
Cinematographer: Scooter Corkle
Production Designer: Courtney Stockstad
Editor: Scott Belyea
Sound: Vider Grande
Cast: Scott Belyea, Mike Davies Jr., Skyler Tyj

Official Selection - CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival
Official Selection - Toronto After Dark
Official Selection - MotelX
Official Selection - Telluride Horror Show
Official Selection - Milwaukee Film Festival
Official Selection - Reel Shorts Film Festival

“It’s a funny gag surrounded by a loving attention to detail for that wonky analogue technology.” - Dork Self

“A simple and brief grindhouse horror revenge fantasy using Troma-style gore.” -

“This short will stir up fond memories, and nightmares, for audience members who remember watching all their horror films on VHS.” - Toronto Film Scene

“I’m a sucker for two things; VHS and 80’s sleaze horror. Adjust Tracking is an ode to both of them.” -

“An excellent short that should appeal to anyone with a history of renting schlocky VHS tapes” - The Screening Roomless

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