Hello everyone, my name is Ayall Sagi, welcome to my podcast. This podcast is also a video-cast, set to a sunset backdrop I filmed from the view of my home office.

I haven’t yet assigned a definitive name to my pod-casts, nor have I determined the exact structure, but feel free to check in @ ayall.com for further casts and news.

This podcast is a shout-out to another podcast I’ve recently discovered.
The podcast ‘The Truth,’ is a very cool audio drama. Their slogan is ‘we make short films, without pictures.’

I discovered ‘The Truth’ through the radio program ‘This American Life’ broadcasted on NPR.
‘The Truth’ is a modern day radio drama, and in a time where TV dominates, it felt refreshing to bask in the nostalgia of this old-fashion type of entertainment, which brought historical epics such as Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds.

I’ll be sharing 3 segments from ‘The Truth’ podcast with you today.

The first, titled ”Moon Graffiti,” is the acting out of a what-if-scenario. It is described as “what may have happened if the Apollo 11 mission ended in tragedy.”
The reasons I like this story is because if this scenario occurred there would not have been video feed, though there may have still been audio feed, which makes an audio-drama a good fit.
I also enjoyed remembering that this mission was successful, and though there were many unknowns and risks, these men (which includes fellow Purdue University alum, Neil Armstrong) were willing to do whatever it took for science and progress.

The second segment I’d like to share with you, titled “Tape Delay,” is based off of a recorded phone conversations between a couple. I heard this originally air on ‘This American Life,’ and though I wasn’t aware it was fictional until the end of the segment, I found the audio cutting and story progression mesmerizing.
Being primarily based on a phone conversations, I found this to be another good fit for an audio-drama.
Here it is;

The third and final segment, titled ‘Terminally Blond,’ from the episode ‘Movie Mash-up,’ is a conversation between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Reese Witherspoon clipped together from Terminator 2 and Legally Blond movie sound clips.
I liked this because it took two completely different movies and married them together to form a funny succinct conversation. Another credit to good audio cutting.

Well, that’s it.
Hope you enjoyed.
One final shout-out to ‘The Truth’ for producing these great segments, and an additional shout-out to ‘This American Life’ for bringing it to my attention.

This concludes this episode of my shout-out podcast.
Again, my name is Ayall Sagi, and please visit Ayall.com (A-Y-A-L-L dot Com) to leave comments or send suggestions.

Thanks for listening.

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