The Last Duel is a quick sample of filmmaking for kids (and adults) it was made to be part of a new program at the Comtech dept. of Camp Shohola; I wrote a fun 2 pages script; We shoot the entire short in 3hrs, we create all our own props with available materials around camp, the crew of 5 people also got to be the cast, it was an incredible fun experience. In the technical aspect we shoot everything with one camera, following our storyboard shot by shot; at the end all the footage was taken to editing again by following the storyboard I was able to edit everything in about 8hrs; to the on camera sound, I just add sound effects such bullets, steps, church bell, wind and birds; of course I add some music; finally I played with the colors to get the look that I wanted and took it out of the oven :)
So now this is the first version of many more to come, I hope to start a new tradition at camp and the future generations of camper get to make more fun and better one, maybe with especial effects and some new surprising twist at the end; anyway what ever it may be the main objective it's to have tons of fun making a movie.
Enjoy it. Cheers!


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