It is a visual and auditive response, in real time, to recent and tragic events in Mexico that have been silenced or minimized by the authorities.
The texts tell, in the words of a child, five ficticious moments set in real events.
The first text is about two children that are witnesses of the Tlateloco student massacre, on October 2nd 1968, just days before the inauguration of the Olympic Games in Mexico city. The massacre was denied by the governement.
The second text is about two children who witness the destruction of their school during the earthwake of September 19th 1985 in Mexico City, which saw hundreds of buildings collapse to the ground. Many of those buildings were public offices, schools and hospitals, built at minor costs and putting in evidence serious irregularities in the assignment and execution of public contracts.
The third text is about a child who is the victim of a pedophile priest, epitomized by Marcial Maciel, who avoided being judged of his many crimes thanks to the silence and support of the Catholic Church and the Pope himself.
The fourth text is about a child who is the victim, along with his family, of one of the many military roadblocks that pretend to control Mexican highways in their war against druglords. As the kids’ family car crosses a roadblock, they are fired at, most of the innocent family members being killed in such action.
The last text is about a child that sees how flames give an end to his life and that of all other kids in a state run nursery, once again throwing a light at business made at the expenses of the poorest and weaker in society, as was the case of the tragic fire that took place at the ABC nursery in Hermosillo, Sonora, where 49 infants died in a fire on June 5, 2009.
All this tragic events, whether publicly denounced or hidden by authorities, highlight a constant in Mexican governments, a country where impunity reigns and the arm of justice is twisted to will.
This is what makes artist Wendy León say TLQNSDEP (Every thing not said is filthy)

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