A pilot from the last century, made for CNN as it commissioned segments for a new Saturday morning "lite" show.

Two (kinda) sophisticated Brits, of differing kinds of sophistication, explore ethnic cuisines from their complementary viewpoints. Both are called David. David Tew is a chef well-seasoned by work in the hippest of New York's restaurants. David Tereshchuk is a journalist who's eaten his way around the world, always gathering the social background to the food he eats. Together they pull together the ingredients, the methods, and the significance of unique dishes from around the word.

For the pilot they didn't have to go far - the ethnic neighborhoods of the "United Nations in One City" that is New York.

We see:

1) Chinatown ... for the pan-Asian dish from Malaya "Oomai"

2) A "Tables Turned" interstitial ... where the reporter Tereshchuk gets questioned by chef Tew

3) Greek Astoria ... for "Kleftiko", or "thieves' lamb".

Why "Bytes" and not "Bites"? The original idea was that recipes would be collected on the pair's 1990s laptops. They ... and the period stick-mic ... would soon be abandoned.

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