Nick Doucette at Loon

*Nick Doucette is a mad man. He rides as if he has nothing to loose, yet
still has style and control. It’s his stylish reckless abandonment and
massive rail transfers that make this video well worth a watch. I am
excited to see what his shots in the Keep the Change video are going to be

*Growling Tribe*


*The Growling Tribe is a group of unknown European greasers who kill it
both regular and switch. Chris Geng, Dominik Hanke, Marco Rinke, Stephan
Ruchte, Stefan Meyer & Wolfgang Natterer all keep it smooth and simple with
a variety of different presses and slides. All these kids kill it and the
ender is really sick.

*Takaharu Nakai*


*Hailing from Japan, and a member of the Stonp crew, Taka has flawless
style in the backcountry. From cliff drops, slashes and pillow lines Taka
oozes style. It’s not often that a really good backcountry part is put up
online, making this an obvious choice. *


*The Mad Ones: Scott Blum*


The Mad Ones series has been a different and cool edition to the web edit
scene. This Scott Blum episode is by far my favorite one yet. This episode
follows Scott on his trip to the Bowly Owly contest in Japan. Aside from
having the best handplant shots, Blum has a bunch of really cool things to
say about Japan making it sound like a really cool scene. I highly
recommend watching this video.

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