Did you know... that there is secret information contained in plants? The drama contained in the back-story of this video is the lesser part of a larger project - one born of love. This project is intended as a gift - for a new generation of young people that are headed, in massive numbers, toward a nutritional-disaster; it is a non-profit-made movie and one that does not yet exist. As an idea that is growing into it's birthing process, the intent of this project is to create: the greatest sales-pitch - ever - for eating fruits and vegetables. As a truly customized and "designed-for-the-times" sales-pitch for young people, this movie will, of course, be the most disgusting movie ever made, about fruits and vegetables - and a movie made for love. We think that we can help some teens lose: some of their cookies! So we're moving toward the creation of a non-profit that will function as a fund-raising arm, in order to get some [never-done-before-on-film] experiments completed - and to get some very specific - and uniquely-compelling - content created.

This movie will be educational, partly a documentary and a decidedly cross-genre production. Our target audience is junior-high and high-school-aged young people, who are [being held captive] in health-ed classes. We think that our movie is - also - going to be appreciated by those who are home-schooling - and by every parent who has occasionally uttered the words: eat your vegetables. Our intention is to stimulate desire - for eating fruits and vegetables - and to create the inspiration for developing healthy and life-long patterns of consumption. With a focus on the abundant nature of fruits and vegetables, this movie about real food, is a much-loved and long-nurtured project. This journey is the [perhaps-obsessive] passion, of a middle-aged woman named Dancing Bear - who is on a mission for life - and the band of healthy-food enthusiasts who have inspired her along the way... and those who have cheered her on, by saying things like: "You have to do this - somebody has to do it - and it's your job - and it's the best idea - for any documentary - ever - and children all over - need - for you to do this - you've got to do this."

The future of our species is at risk from increasingly-impaired immune systems. And the ever-increasing obesity epidemic - among our children? It's still increasing. A bit of the back-story for this video can be found on our realfoodmission.org/media-contacting/ page. So might you be willing to help? Our suggestion is: Save the humans. If you feel a resonance with our message and understand the impending and serious implications of a growing obesity-epidemic on our future viability, as a species, please consider paying our videos forward, along with our message: Real Food is for Real Life.

So who is the healthiest-foodie that you know? And what do they think about saving our species from the impending nutritionally-based disaster?

Thank you - and please think twice: salad is delicious.
Love, The Real TeamRFM!

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