Morpholio began as a research project by architects who simply wanted amazing tools for their devices. The group wondered, what would happen if the focus of software development shifted away from production alone and towards the need to cultivate and assess ideas. Designers have tools that allow them to generate millions of options, but few that help to select the right ones. “Aside from making design production easier, we wanted to know if better tools could make it smarter by integrating the wisdom of crowds and capitalizing on the power of the touchscreen to capture feedback,” says Anna Kenoff, Morpholio Co-Creator.

Video presents Seven Tools to Advance the Way You Work and Think:

Video Producer Xiao Qin
Music Producer Woody Pak
Projects Courtesy of Thomas Coldefy, Anna Pietrzak, WORKac, Liz Ricketts, Mark Collins and BIG

Special thanks to the many research collaborators, contributors and supporters.

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