Signing up as a dealer on TechTurn has always been beneficial and easy, and now we're making it even easier for you. Since we've made a few changes, we're going to walk you through it to make sure the change goes smoothly as possible.

Instead of using discount codes, items on the store will automatically show the discounted price for you. Throw away those calculators because you no longer have to be a math whiz!

First, click on Login in the top right corner. To receive any discounts as a dealer, you now have to be logged in.

Here you will see a tab at the top titled "Discounted Deals." This is where you will find products that are already marked with your discounted rate. As you can see, you can still sort as usual by different categories and again, no more math on your end. The price you pay is right there marked in red.

You may still shop all the other tabs, but those products aren't necessarily at a discounted price yet. The way it works now is "what you see is what you get." If you see an item listed at full price not under Discounted Deals, it's not a mistake. The price its marked as, is the correct price.

Questions, comments? Chat with us online. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions and make this change an easy one.

Now login and start your shopping spree!

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