Central Saint Martins’ MA Innovation Management course invited guests of Allermuir showrooms to an interactive experience that asked guests to evaluate their role and see themselves as future innovators.
Visitors experienced an interactive conversational space that challenges their current professional identity to spark conversations and reflections about embracing obstacles and finding alternative ways to innovate within their field.

This event is part of MA Innovation Management’s series of events titled Overturn: Embracing Obstacles and Finding Alternatives, which culminate in a final event to be held at the prestigious new Central Saint Martins campus in King’s Cross on 19th June, 2012. Visitors of the Clerkenwell Design Week exhibition will be invited to attend the Kings Cross campus to continue the innovation conversation.
MA Innovation Management recognises the growing demand for creative, collaborative practitioners with an understanding of business, design and culture, whose role is not to deliver products or services but rather to identify and verify opportunity. Where MBA and design management programmes analyse problems, this postgraduate course deploys connective and creative approaches to managing innovation in order to synthesise opportunities.

For more information, visit mainnovationmanagement.com/

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