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Squeeze - (skw z) - v.tr.
1. To press hard on or together; compress.
2. To press gently, as in affection.
3. To exert pressure on

Music by John Sanders & Nick Sibicky

Art Direction by Sarah Maki

Choreography by Karin Stevens

Edmonds CC Student Musicians:
Cody Cadden
Evan Carlsen
Ryan Cribbs
Connor Favero
Steve Hinkle
Cole Holland
Eric Jellison
T.J. Kottsick
Geo Lloyd
Eric Marks
Kelly McDonald
Zaldy Rogero
Matt Simburger
Matt Sledgianowski
Kirby Wendt
Edmonds CC Student Painters:
Jade Folk
Blaise Lamb
Sarah Sprouse
Edmonds CC Welcomes:
Karin Stevens Dance Company:
Evan Foster
Naphtali Beyleveld
Belle Wolf

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