Rushed short film project for English-based 'Novel to Film' elective course offered at PM West High School. My personal challenge was to create this using only the school-offered equipment...which sucked.

Produced by Roc Group 3
Directed by Ben Lacen and Shelby Lundell
Edited by Ben Lacen
based on the short story 'California Catastrophe' written by Holly Bianchino
Make-up Design by Shelby Lundell
Camera Operations by Ben Lacen, Shelby Lundell, and Joseph Russo

Music used from:
Dead Space OST
Yonkers [Instrumental] by Tyler the Creator

Holly Bianchino - Perry
Joseph Russo - Eric
Abigail Bongard - Mom
Tommy Robson - Dad

Erin Ryan
Myron Loyola
Anthony Bonanducci
Andrew Hill
Josh Roberts
Dalton Winot
Justine Perch

Shot with Canon 7500 Tape Camcorder
Edited with Corel VideoStudio Pro X5

Special Thanks to:
*Justin Gladstone and Joseph Bongard for providing comic relief with all the stress
*The teachers helping us with memory space and accessories.
*All the Zombies that appeared last minute. The video wouldn't have been possible without them.
*The Lundell family for providing us with food and their hospitality.
*Abigail Bongard for sandwiches and showing up the second we needed her for something.

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