Both flora and fauna are Non-timber forest products.

This is example of skinning practice. Approximately three kilometers northwest, 15 kilograms weighing deer was tracked and killed by shotgun. The body must be skinned immediately at the spot where it was hunted. Firstly, urine must not to enter the body; secondly, insects must not to be attracted into the village though. Skinning is done in 20 minutes on leaf of nearest palm. Skin itself has low market value in the region. All viscera are removed at the spot and forsaken for good mood of tiger - the most fearful animal of the rainforest.

“I have raised my family with bow and arrow but if I have shells, I prefer to go hunting
with shotgun,” said chief of Asheninkas. I did not see children playing with harmless bows
and arrows acquiring basic skills for hunting. This approach hinders transfer of traditional
technology of hunting and increases dependency on shells. However, children learn about
the rainforest by accompanying parents while hunting.

Language: Spanish (Czech subtitles, English subtitles soon)

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