In her small one story hut in southern India she holds her mobile in her hands nervously. She refuses to let it go even for a minute in case her husband calls from Singapore, a country which offers his family a pot of gold and financial ruin.
She longs for his return but knows it would be a catastrophe for the whole family if he is sent back. They have taken out enormous loans in the hope that he will wire back enough money to take them out of poverty.
He is one of the hundred of thousands of unskilled Indians who have paid illegally fees to agents for the highly sought after opportunity of working in Singapore, which had an increasingly ambivalent attitude to their presence.

Director Manu Valcarce
Producer Siyuan Aw
Editor Jeanette Lim
Translators Andrew Lemuel, Manjunath Natarajan and Rekha Indiran.

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