It was a time for heroes. The House of Castleford is in disarray. The mighty factions are at war, in a battle for supremacy. Good men have fallen... but who will emerge victorious?

Sir Jon Russell of The North
Prince Foster of Selby
Duke Oliver Waters of the Western Provinces
Lord Patrick Hobson, the King slayer

...and countless brave soldiers with glory on their minds...

Baaaahhh not really, we just fancied doing something different for a change.

This is from the recent Signature Session at Sno!zone Castleford, realised by the old school park team for a park of all parks on honour of esteemed shaper Damian Doyle. Damo's racked off on a voyage of discovery to the end of the world, where imps and hairy folk dwell. (New Zealand)

Fare thee well, Lord Damo - and how good was this session?!

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