Sarah Small’s Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions is a multi-disciplinary performance art event: it is music and dance, it is both a living painting and photography, and it is film. It is a manifesto of ultimate beauty.

It stems from the French tableau vivant, a representation of a scene or work of art by a person or group of people, posed silent and motionless. Sarah Small’s Tableau revolutionized the concept from a nineteenth century parlor amusement to a twenty-first century performance art event.

One hundred twenty models and musicians of all ages, sizes and colors in various states of dress and undress come to life for a seventy-five-minute live improvisational and choreographed performance including opera and a cappella singing, Balkan folk and contemporary classical music. The performance culminates in live weddings supported by synchronized breathing from the whole cast then turns into an audience-inclusive immersive party.

Contaminate is an experiential arts organization that produces unique immersive creative experiences and provides consulting and coaching services to artists and creative businesses.

Contaminate targets companies with interests in investing in immersive art experiences and creative concepts that can be leveraged for their corporate branding and marketing campaigns. They will be positioned to the press, critics, art world community, and the general public as key influencers and promoters of Contaminate’s project Tableau Vivant.

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