Guests: Anthony Gemma (D), Candidate for US Congress,
Host:Barry Schiller Produced: May 24, 2012 Run time: 30 minutes

Anthony Gemma is seeking to win the Democratic Party nomination over incumbent Congressman David Cicilline. In order to accomplish this and set himself apart for the Freshman Congressman, Gemma stresses his knowledge base and skill set as an accomplishment business person and creator of jobs. Gemma references his family roots and the business his father founded as the incubator for his values and experience as an individual and business person, citing how the family business had grown exponentially under his leadership as President of Gem Plumbing. Speaking of leadership, Gemma stress that there are four necessary elements to success in business and other organizations: Leadership; Vision; Plan; and Passion. He believes that these are not only transferable to government but also must be incorporated into government in order to accomplish its goals. Furthermore, Gemma asserts that government, elected officials and members of the community must change the way they interact and conduct the people's business. Gemma points to our areas of strength and the potential therein to create jobs and prosperity for Rhode Islanders.

Producer's notes: This interview is part of the Donald Gill Memorial Candidate Interview Series.

Congressman Cicilline has not responded to our invitations to participate in this interview series.

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