a film by soojin kang and markus schroder
production company: future lights productions
edited by: markus schroder

music: jonny greenwood - 'clockwork tin soldiers'

This is the film 'A Continuous Chain', conceived as accompaniment to Soojin Kang's collection 'Eaten by knits'.

From Soojin Kang's website:

"The primary aim of this hand made collection is to convey the beauty of traditional crafts and dysfunctional objects and how they challenge traditionally established perceptions in between fashion, design and art. It asks to what extent such boundaries are blurred and how they can be overcome. The collection consists of a range of entirely unique and meaningful jewellery pieces - nothing fancy but designs that stick in the observer's mind. Each item is hand made without patterns and represents permanent experimentation which plays with aesthetics, function and materials. This experimental design process states new emotional aesthetics and avant-garde thinking about the use of antique objects."


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