This is a video of the Tea Cup re-route project done by John Finch, Tomas and 13 members of the Forest Service. The project start date was 7/16/10 and it was decided the 13 members of the Forest Service would work on 1/2 of the section to be re-routed and John Finch and Tomas Robinson would work on the other 1/2 of the re-route. Both section were of the same difficulty level to build and for some unknown reason the Forest Service decided to dig out every rock that existed within 18" of the future trail tread surface.

After one day of work the John and Tomas had 1/3 of trail completed and the Forest Service had dug out every rock on their section for some unknown reason. At the end of the day the FS left the project as is shown in the video. They never returned to complete their half so John and Tomas completed their half and had to totally rebuild the Forest Service half.

Their are tweo other videos for the 18th and 19th that show the additional work done by John and Tomas to complete the project which was done to improve the biking experience of lesser skilled riders in the uphill direction.


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