First time with Super 8 -- I didn't shoot it very well but I'm still sold! Shot this with the Canon 514XL.

I've shot a lot of video beginning with, interestingly enough, 8mm video cassettes, then on to miniDV and finally HDV. The high def Canon camcorder is nice know, I can't really get it to look like film.

This was shot on one roll of Kodak Ektachrome 100D Super 8 color reversal film. Except for being overexposed in places, I like how it looks outdoors in sunlight.


1. Shoot on film (naturally!)
2. HD transfer (telecine)
3. Bring into Sony Vegas 7 -- 1440 x 1080 timeline (project properties)
4. The film is square (4:3 aspect ratio) -- zoom in and chop off side artifacts -- add black bars at top and bottom (lose some resolution :-(
5. Edit
6. Post production tweaks: curves, color balance, brightness and contrast
7. Render to uncompressed .avi -- downrez'd to 1280 x 720 (in Vegas)
8. Bring into HandBrake and render to .mp4 -- 2 pass; noise reduction set to medium,


I accidentally shot everything on the outdoor setting (little sun icon) and forgot to switch to the indoor setting (light bulb icon) but now I've read that this film should be shot always using the indoor setting. Not sure if that's correct but that's what I've read.

Shooting as I did, the indoor stuff was pretty ugly (greenish tint). Perhaps if I'd shot it using the indoor filter it would have looked better. Still, this is daylight balanced film, but I need to do this next time. I'm considering an A80 filter for indoors but I was able to correct the footage somewhat in post so the filter may not be worth the loss of light sensitivity.


LEALAR!! An inspiration. I've watched every one of his films; many, more than once. He even tutored me privately. Thanks man!

Derek R. Audette -- Just wonderful music and a nice guy. Check him out for your soundtrack needs.

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