Mahalaya® is a global movement and lifestyle organization whose constitution reconnects the global human family to its natural inheritance and divine birthright of Love, Wisdom, Peace and Harmony.
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Why? The world as we know it has reached a critical moment in time where the lives we live, the relationships we cultivate, the food we eat and the products we consume are no longer sustainable. As a global human family, our self, social, economic and environmental integrity has been lost. Pain and suffering is an experience of discomfort, distress, illness and disease that is only brought about when we choose to exist in a reality of imbalance and disharmony. It is time that we choose a different way!

Mahalaya® Communities are being developed as wholeness (whole person) sustainable communities & cultural/educational eco-centers created as iconic blueprints of sustainable conscious living in harmony with the Physical, Mental and Spiritual nature of man and the planet. Recognizing that we are in defining moment of our planets history, Mahalaya is dedicated in becoming a leader in building a global sustainable society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.

While providing a sustainable living environment for individuals and families, the community will facilitate research and development, social and educational programs in the form of an eco cultural/education center and outreach programs in the following areas:

1. personal development
2. ecology
3. sustainable living
4. holistic studies
5. permaculture
6. clean technology
7. social action
8. integrative health and nutrition

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