I would like to give every one of you FREE music in the hopes of raising awareness that we need to consider this home, Earth, OUR home, ALL day, each and every day.

Music can free the soul and inspire the heart.

It can shake the bars and rattle the chains that bind us.

It can move people because it can help change minds.

Free Music is the reality for many struggling artists out there, and my story is no different. I'm a passionate man of melodies and words, whose sole mission is to reach out and touch the world with a song that might help brighten the faces, and lighten the load, for the generations of tomorrow.

In this age of cultural and ecological calamities, most of us lack a real connection to one another. The effects of my Free Music / Earth Day, All Day, Every Day Campaign has started in Vancouver and I hope it will continue to gain momentum around the world, bringing harmony and awareness to respecting and revering both one another, and this beautiful place we are so fortunate to call home.

I hope this simple act of sharing my music might spread into something truly awe-inspiring (like the Free Hugs Campaign upon which this music video was inspired by, thanks Juan!).

Please pass this video to a friend and share the Free Music downloads with everyone you can. After all, you CAN help make a difference.

I hope to hear from others who have taken the inspiration of sharing music freely with the rest of the world. If YOU wish to participate in the Free Music/Earth Day, All Day, Every Day Campaign...you need no permission. This is the people's movement. This is *your* movement. With nothing but your bare hands and the resonance of a melodic anthem rising in the world behind you, you CAN make a difference.

And you will...

My Home. Your Home. Our Home. One Home.

From Here To There,

- SVp

- The cards you see me handing out were digital download "Seedcards"m containing 19 FREE songs from my debut solo album "Seasons". The card is made from 100% post-consumer junk mail and is embedded with wildflower seeds. After redeeming the unique download PIN and receiving the FREE music, the cards could be planted under a thin layer of soil, watered and the wildflower seeds would grow! The future is about smart designs embracing the cradle to cradle philosophy where noting is ever wasted.

Notice how cool the kids thought this idea was.

Special thanks to Stuart and his grandmother....there's a kid who really "gets it."

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