The Year 2000: A night patrol in Balibo East Timor through the eyes and mind of a
Australian Infantry soldier on Operations.

East Timor 2000, A regrouped hard-core cadre of militia are
attempting to infiltrate back into East Timor to destabilise
the peace process. The film takes you on a very personal
night patrol with the Australian diggers whose task it is to
stop them by deadly force if necessary.
The Balibo Night gives the audience a rare insight into the
psyche of Australian soldiers on patrol in a hostile
environment. See and feel what its like to be on a night
patrol in the badlands of East Timor. The pressure and
challenges the soldiers face. The hard job of distinguishing
between friendly and enemy forces. What goes through a
soldiers mind on patrol as they battle with their heavy
equipment while questioning their mortality, the bonding
loyalty of their mates and professional standard they demand
from one another. Taken from the diary of a soldier on the
ground. Feel apart of the platoon as you are taken on a ride
into an often misunderstood world.

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