P036 The Kinsman Redeemer
Lev 25:24 Therefore, when you sell your property, you must include the right of redemption.
Lev 25:25 That is, if one of you becomes poor and sells some of his property, his next-of-kin can come and buy back what his relative sold.
Who owns this world? Who is the power of the air? Along time ago, Adonai allowed this world into the care of satan. Until a time when He would come back and reclaim it in this right of redemption. There is much to this right of redemption as it pertains to our souls. See how this one lines plays an iatrical theme throughout the Bible even in the Brit HaDahsa. See how if you don’t fully understand your role in this right of redemption you will not understand what Paul is writing to the Romans in chapter 11 of his letters. Learn the keys of Ruth and the first commandment so you can get a firm grasp of being engrafted in.

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