Namaste !

Today, I was at Shri Ramana Maharshi's Ashram on the sacred mountain of Arunachala in the South of India. Ramana Maharshi was one of the great Indian sages of the 20th century. He was famous for his silence and his teaching inviting people to ask themselves and to experience "Who am I ?" For those of you who are interested, you may want to watch the little video "Silence" where I share some of his insights:

He lived a very simple life and respected and loved all his environment and the creatures living in it. His disciples also counted cows, dogs, monkeys ... They are stories of his interactions with the squirrels which I like a lot, and with so many other animals too ...

As I was walking around the Ashram, I encountered this beautiful peacock. It was enjoying a nice walk in the gardens. As I stopped to watch it, it spread its feathers and started to perform a beautiful dance.

I was reminded of Avaloketishvara, the famous Buddhist Boddhisattva of whom the Dalaï Lama is said to be a manifestation. It is said that Avaloketishvara, pained by the suffering of all the beings in the world of illusion, of samsara, made the vow to work unceasingly for the enlightenment of all. Only once all are safe, would he accept his own enlightenment and leave the round of incarnations and of suffering. He is depicted with a myriad of hands, each of which has an eye in its center. This symbolizes enlightened compassion: reaching out to all in an enlightened, skillful way. Indeed, compassion alone is not enough as we all have experienced. We also need to know how to reach out to others and to ourselves, how to relate to each others, to ourselves and to the world in order not to create more confusion, Avidya, but to open up spaces for Vidya, for Knowledge.

The beautiful peacock with its marvelous feathers reminded me of this and inspired me.

Good enlightened compassion inspirations to all of you :-)


PS: The beautiful music accompanying the video is "Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings" by Mike Oldfiled.


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