Fertility "Cure"

There are caves in the steppe. This caves get filled with freezing radioactive water over the night. Some of the local "healers" shamans, pronounced, that these caves can cure those who can't get pregnant. And once in the while women from all over Kazakhstan gather over to the nuclear range. "Healer" brings them to the cave by the evening, and they spend a night, standing in the freezing radioactive water. According to the rumors, a lot of the women, do get fertile after this treatment. Probably due to the physical and mental shock, of course.

Short documentary episodes.
Life at the Nuclear Testing Range "Semipalatinsk-21" in Kazakhstan.

Producers: Timofey & Konstantin Yuriev
Date: March, 2012
Place: Semipalatinsk-21 (Kurchatov), Kazakhstan
Copyright © 2012, yuriev.tv

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