Got a call from my good friend Scott Ward asking if I would do just a one camera of a show at his coffee house Strange Brew ( He didn't want anything too fancy, just a copy of the show from the one camera, not even plugged into the board for sound. Showed up with my Sony F3, plunked it down and hit record. It was an awesome little show with some incredibly talented musicians and some amazing songs. It was what they call "Family Style", similar to an open mic but with musicians invited by Will Knaak as opposed to just whoever shows up to play.

The show was great. Actually it was a little too good as several times while enjoying the vibe I totally forgot I was working camera. If you notice I was a little slow on my pans a few times and the audio clipped on a couple of the louder songs. Mah bad!

Will Knaak was flawless throughout and had no shortage of material. Kacy Crowley joining him for "Take It All Away" was one of the highlights of the night for me and of course she had no trouble holding the stage on her own for her solo segment. Brad Tretola is just someone I want to hear more from, loved his unique voice. And lastly Mike Morgan was just rock solid, especially dug his original song "Jumping The Gun."

The upshot of all this is that though the resulting video is just a one camera shot, the audio is just from the onboard mic, my camera work is less than stellar, the LED stage lights created a flicker than drove me crazy, and it's only got the most basic of editing and color correction ... I love this piece. I'm putting it out there cuz I think that people will like it for the same reason I do, the artists and songs are worth the watch. Over the last week or two on more than one occasion this is something that I've brought up and let play in the background while on the computer.

If you're in Austin and want to see some great musicians over a cup of coffee or a beer go check out Strange Brew. Check out their website for times and details for future shows. A great venue to catch some amazing artist.

Will Knaak:
Kacy Crowley:
Brad Tretola:

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