After extensive restoration , we're very proud to present the second Daddy Cross episode.

Despite an auspicious start whereby the producers of the film managed to secure some Italian 'financing' (long rumoured to be a scheme of money-laundering for a well known name in Palermo) it wasn't long before Ne'er Do Well Films ran into both technical and distribution problems.

On one hand, the blasphemous nature of the material meant that British Cinema Chains were already becoming increasingly reluctant towards this low-budget exploitation bonanza and Episode 2 written by much-hated taboo-breaking author G F. D. Edwards certainly did not help ease their minds. In fact the slightly jingoistic and moral ending was an effort to appeal to the more conservative individuals and the use of well known born-again Christian actor 'Fred Bear' confirms this explicitly.

On the other, the producers were having more and more trouble with the director , a certain J. Pearcey, who was obsessed with having artistic freedom. His desire to shoot the film in a new form gave birth to the creation of 'Homo-Vision' a cheap anamorphic trick where the picture was stretched as far as one could imagine. The only production ever to use 'Homo-Vision' was probably 'Daddy Cross' after which it took its' place in the forgotten archives of Hullabaloo.

However perhaps the most surprising aspect of this long-forgotten gem are the signs that something was happening on the set of 'Daddy Cross'. Through a combination of sheer-mindedness, madness and obsession, the future episodes were to be very interesting indeed.

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