I wanted to film the tiny circus of my two sons at the 20th Kindergarten anniversary. But it was cold and started to rain. So I switched to NTSC (PAL-Hack by Vitaliy Kiselev) in 720p and recorded all I could get in 60fps. In post I turned it down to 24fps. This kind of slow motion I really like a lot. Shutter Speed was 1/125 to get the right motion blur when I slowed it down.

I only used the Panasonic 20mm Pancake F1.7 with my GH2 which I really love! Edited and graded in Final Cut Pro X. Music by Magix. Thanks to all the actors, clowns and wizards. ;-)

PS: Color mode was Smooth with all turned down to -2. I'm using Firmware V1.1
PPS: The GH2 is almost wheather sealed! It got really wet, but nothing happened!

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