An aging security guard tries to reconnect with his son while grappling with a darker addiction involving mirrors and skirts. Inspired by Haruki Murakami's short story, The Mirror.

NNK Award for Best Undergraduate Screenplay

Shot on 16mm Fujifilm Eterna Vivid 500T & cut on a Steenbeck.


Max: Alexander Cook
Serene (ex-wife): Lynne Lori
Paul (son): Jacob Moon
Lady in bathroom: Lydia Saris
Lady in elevator: Gia Maria
Man in elevator: Tim Nott

Writer, Director, Editor: Siyou Tan
DP: Jake Lane
Producer: Aditi Shivaramakrisnan & Charles Horne
Assistant Camera: Kara Nicholson
Assistant Director: Doug Bensimon
2nd Assistant Director: Leon Iszack
Production Designer: Tom Lee
Gaffer: Sky Mcgilligan
Sound & Score: Charles Horne
Boom Operator: Rizky Rahadianto
Script Supervisor: Kanyakrit Vongkiatkajorn
Production Assistants: Reid Hildebrand, Nicholas Quah
Art by: Guilia Sensi, Ali Osborn

Thanks to: Jeanine Basinger, Ted Voss, Steve Collins, Sal Privitera, Lea Carlson, Lisa Dombrowski
and of course, Mr., Mrs, & sisters Tan

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