There is a beautiful part of Vancouver that is completely invisible to most Vancouverites - the street dance culture of our city. Dancers are all around you, but they generally get down and practice in studios or garages, far out of public eye. At the same time what they do is both amazing and entertaining... and we want Vancouver to see it and be part of it. That's why we thought up the Vancouver Street Dance Festival (VSDF) - a free public dance and music event that will be hosted by the Groovy Gentlemen at the Robson Square Plaza.

Unlike a typical battle/dance show, VSDF will focus on creating a block party atmosphere. We do not want people to sit, watch, and leave. We want to draw people into the party - entertain, educate, and involve. An involved crowd is a happy crowd... and at VSDF this crowd will be able to browse around the vendor booths, enjoy the performances, and sit around good people and great energy while soaking in the sun.

Groovy Gentlemen

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