Pandora's Box is a greek creation myth which inspired me to pursue this project for my senior thesis. The story is basically the about the adam and eve of greek mythology, Pandora (the all gifted one) and Epimetheus and how curiosity got the best of them and released all the evils and misfortunes of life from a sacred box; the only thing that remained was hope.

The video piece tells this story while at the same time is a display of what I think it must have looked like when the box was opened.

This is all original footage of black and white ink in water (no color alterations or anything) shot using the Canon 5D Mark II w/ 24-105mm canon lens. The overlayed imagery is all hand-done illustration using india ink and ball point pen.

This piece won the Fred Acker Achievement Award at Moore College of Art & Design's Senior Thesis Gallery Exhibit/Show. It also appeared on DoN Brewer's Philadelphia Art News Blog:

Producer, illustrator, editor and animator: Basma Abouelenein
Composer: Katelyn Varkonyi
Sound: Ryan Heaney

Note: Turn up your volume, the music is very soft and quiet

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