a feminist video_poem
by layla zami & lann hornscheidt

this film inspired by the book "feminismus schreiben_lernen" explores quest_ions of language, position_ing and beLong_ing to comm_Unities beyond heteronormative mainstream. a unique collaboration between gender studies professor lann hornscheidt and filmmaker layla zami, it stresses intertwined aspects of gender and race. this challenging mix of poetic documentary and experimental essay portraits people who leave temporary traces of their identities and politics in their surroundings. in the audiovisual medium, the u-topian quests for spaces and words are re-created, suggesting alternative linguistic practices and demanding new ways of seeing_listening.
quotes by: sarah kirsch, audre lorde,adrienne rich, luz maria umpierre, elana dykewomon, lann hornscheidt, chrystos, marg yeo, helene cixous

film credits
directed by layla zami & lann
idea + production : lann
cinematography + editing : layla zami
sound : steva
sound design : layla zami + heidrun schramm
off-voice : agnes lampkin

all rights reserved. berlin 2012
copyright : layla zami & lann hornscheidt

spuren legen_verwehen. a feminist video_poem

this short experimental video was created for the exhibition "to dyke_trans | dis_visualizing re_locating de_silencing " presented at galerie funke, berlin, germany in may 2012. among the participating artists were layla zami, zanele muholi, claude cahun (rip), coco riot & elisha lim.

for more information about the exhibition and the project "lab: politicizing trans | trans_forming politics",
please visit: transformingpolitics.blogsport.de/

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