At the start of my round the world travel video adventure I made a video talking about the 7 things I wanted to achieve on my trip. 9.5 mths in I look back on what I have achieved.

The seven goals were:
*To see the world
*To film the world
*To get paid to film the world
*To get fit
*To find a traveling partner
*To make a difference
*To find a home

And what have I learnt from my travels, to observe and not react, that my view of the word is determined by the way I was brought up and the culture I was raised in. And most importantly, 'Without people you are nothing!'

Music: Lerax by Re-Drum, Album: It's Better to Burn Out Than To Fade Away
Features quotes from:
The The - Slow Emotion Replay
Joe Strummer -

Round the World Travel Adventure!/overlandertv

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