I wrote this song in March from a little poem I found while glancing through my notebook. I recorded this using my Taylor 12-string guitar, Schalloch djembe and Gill recorder. With the rotoscoping and animation, this took me a month and a half of pretty solid work to put together.

Coal is black
Coal it yearns
to be the tree before it burned

Ash is white
Ashes yearn
to be the tree before it burned

Water's blue
Waters yearn
to reach the tree before it burned

Fire's red
Fire yearns
to be with the tree as it burned

Earth is brown
Earth it yearns
to feed the tree before it burned

Trees are green
Trees all yearn
to just be trees and not to burn

Sun is gold
Sunlight yearns
to reveal the tree and reveal the burns.

Who are you today?
Who am I to say,
"which way does the wind blow?"
Well my God knows
but it's the smoke that shows.

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