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This Lord Nrsimhadeva Deity saves devotees from obstacles, illusion, injury, fatal diseases, burns, distress, losing their children, Tornados and more. Moreover, He reciprocates with their love. (See
Merciful Lord Nrsimhadeva resides in Mayapur, W. Bengal. He is a Deity. Because we have a material body with material eyes, we cannot see God's personal form. By appearing as the Deity, the Supreme Personality of Godhead allows us the see Him and serve Him in a form that can be perceived by our material eyes. However He is completely spiritual. Nrsimhadeva is the Half Man Half Lion form of Krishna. He appeared in this way to save His beloved child devotee, Prahlad, from his demonic father. The father had been granted that he would never be killed by a man or animal, by any weapon, in the day or night, on the land or sea or in the sky. God appeared as Half Man Half Lion and killed him with His nails at dusk on His lap. The Lord enjoys saving His devotees and appearing in various ways.
My involvement is that I made the show over about 5 years. I also made the website over two years.
Krsna Prema (Paolo Tofani), a super musician-composer, played all the instruments in the sound track and sang it. Many thanks to him for allowing me to use it. (
Amogha das

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